Learning Content Management Systems

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs)

While LMSs manage learners and record keeping, LCMSs provide authoring capability and manage the content of courses.  Typically, course content is stored as learning objects in a learning object repository database.  The objects are described and tagged so these objects can be recalled and reused by the same course designers and others.

Because many LMSs are taking on the features of LCMSs and vice-versa, there is a duplication of vendors on this list with the previous list.  Some companies which offer both make a distinction between them and name them separately; some don’t.  The distinction between LMS and LCMS is becoming increasingly vague as LMS providers add authoring tools to their offerings.Arguably, any LMS that includes an integrated authoring capability (more and more common now) is an LCMS. Most LCMSs offer at least modest LMS capability as well.

Some education oriented systems call themselves LCMSs.  Because their primary function is the creation and delivery of content, this is quite understandable.  I prefer to call them education LMSs and have them in a separate category.  They are also known as Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and as Course Management Systems (but this can be confused with content management systems (CMS)).  The term CMS (Content Management System) is usually used to refer to a system to manage content on a website.  LCMSs are specialized CMSs which are specifically designed to manage learning content.

  1. Amvonet (Amvonet (AVE INTERVISION L.L.C.)) http://www.amvonet.com/. An eLearning management, collaboration and authoring suite that includes a virtual classroom with Moodle integration.  Marketed to both corporations and education.
  2. Assima Training Suite(Assima Plc) http://www.assima.netA simulation development tool using “software cloning” and localization services. Based in UK. Also offer Atlantic Link and STT Trainer products that they purchased from KaplanLearning Technologies in 2012. In 2013, announced the cloud-based enterprise solutions – Vimago Campus (collaborative content management) and Vimago Tutor (for learning how the Vimago system works).
  3. Atlantis Systems Corp. Learninglogics™ LCMS(Atlantis Systems Corp.) http://www.atlantissi.com/.This product was formerly offered by Tecsult EduPlus but that company was purchased and the product disappeared for a while and has reappeared. Atlantis is primarily a military contractor based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They also offer the Learninglogics LMS, Gaming Engine and an aircraft virtual trainer.
  4. Aunwesha LearnITy Enterprise Suite LMS/LCMS (Aunwesha Knowledge Technologies Private Limited)http://www.aunwesha.com A suite of tools. Based in India.
  5. BankersEdge Artisan (BankersEdge) http://www.bankersedge.com/learningtechnology/learningtechartisan.html. A web-based content development and management tool.  Designed originally for regulatory compliance for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders but has broader application. Also offer courseware for the banking industry.Part of OnCourse Learning.
  6. BaseCorp Learning Systems SkillBuilder® Content Editor (Base Corp Learning Systems)http://www.basecorp.com/. A web-based system that provides for remote content editing and version control. Also offer an LMS called SkillBuilder®.Based in Edmonton, Alberta.
  7. Blackboard Learn (Blackboard, Inc.) http://www.blackboard.com.Primarily an education oriented system, a version of this platform is offered as a corporate solution as well.
  8. Blackboard xpLor (Blackboard, Inc.) http://www.blackboard.com.A cloud-based learning object repository that supportsmultiple learning management systems.
  9. Booz Allen Hamilton Rapid Online Content Creation Environment (ROCCE) LCMS (Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.) http://www.boozallen.com/. Developed for government. Also offer and AtlasPro LMS AtlasOffline LMS.Hard to find on website.  See http://www.boozallen.com/media/file/Distributed-Learning-Enterprise-Solution_FS.pdf.
  10. CERTPOINT Learning Content Management(CERTPOINT SYSTEMS, Inc.) http://www.certpointsystems.com/ Product includes Learning Management, Learning Content Management, Content Creation, a web portal and other tools. Formerly called Vuepoint.In March, 2013, they announced a merger with Infor http://www.infor.com.
  11. Chalk Pushcast Software (Chalk Media Corporation) http://www.chalk.com An LCMS targeting mobile platforms. Based in Vancouver, BC. Purchased by RIM (Research in Motion/Blackberry) in January, 2009.
  12. Cobent AITalent Learning Compliance Suite (Cobent Group, UK) http://www.cobent.com. Emphasis on regulatory compliance training and tracking.  Includes authoring.
  13. Composica (Composica) http://www.composica.com/. Aweb-based, collaborative social e-learning authoring system including social media like project blogs, comments, RSS feeds, chats, tagging, task management, community dashboards, etc. with associated LCMS capabilities.
  14. Conzentrate Learning Arena (Conzentrate) http://www.conzentrate.com/. Based in Denmark. Also offer Conzentrate Learning Central – an LMS.
  15. Cornerstone OnDemand Enterprise Suite (Cornerstone OnDemand Inc.) http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com. A full talent management suite which includes an LMS, an LCMS, collaboration tools, and performance and succession management.
  16. CourseWebs (Case Consulting, LLC) http://coursewebs.com/.A learning content management system (LCMS) with LMS capabilities. The Instructor’s Control Panel lets instructors create and modify course content, create exams and quizzes, administer students and their grades, and much more.  Marketed to both companies and education.
  17. Creative Logic eTrainCenter (Creative Logic Solutions) http://www.etraincenter.com. They offer both LMS and LCMS solutions, even “free” versions.
  18. Desire2Learn Learning Repository (Desire2Learn, Inc.) http://www.desire2learn.com. It is part of the Desire2Learn Learning Environment – primarily an education oriented system. Includes content authoring tools. Based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.
  19. Deskera LMS (Deskera) http://www.deskera.com/. The company produces a wide range of business enterprise software including CRM, ERP, etc.  The LMS includes content management (LCMS) and a virtual classroom. They market to both corporations and universities.
  20. dominKnow Claro (dominKnow, Inc.) http://www.dominknow.com.Based in Ontario, Canada. An online/SaaS/cloud-based collaborative authoring tool capable of HTML5 output for mobile learning complete with LCMS capabilities. Tin Can API enabled. They have partnered with Meridian, eMTRAIN, Q2Learning, MaxIT, SumTotal, Aura Software, Cogentys, NetDimensions, OpenText, Rustici (Scorm.com) and others to deliver eLearning, collaborative and mobile learning.
  21. DynDevice LCMS (Mega Italia Media) http://www.dyndevicelcms.com/it/. Both LCMS and LMS capabilities for e-learning. Based in Italy.  Website is in Italian.
  22. EasyGenerator (EasyGenerator)http://www.easygenerator.com/. An online authoring tool that comes with a complete cloud-based LCMS. A free version is available at http://www.easygenerator.com/free. A new web-based authoring tool was announced in Oct. 2013 using the Experience (Tin Can) API. Formerly part of Sana Software. Based in Netherlands.
  23. edCetra edit (edCetra Training) http://www.edcetratraining.com. A content authoring and file management platform. Also offer edXact for tracking learner progress.  Tin Can API enabled. Also offer Anancloud, Anan for PowerPoint, Anan for Word, and Anan for Events.  These are tools for aggregating all the documents from an event, searching, editing and exporting them.  Anan for PowerPoint is also known as MapDeck and by other names. Based in Toronto, Canada.
  24. e-doceo content manager (e-doceo) http://www.e-doceo.net/. Based in France, website is available in English and other languages.  They also offer elearning live – a virtual classroom, an LMS and authoring tools. elearning suite includes all of the tools.
  25. e-learning WMB Open Elms (e-learning WMB) http://www.e-learningwmb.co.uk. The company is primarily a custom developer of e-learning courses.  A content management system supplied with Open Elms open source LMS.  Includes course authoring.  Based in the UK.
  26. EMC Documentum (EMC Corporation) http://www.emc.com/.Documentum is an enterprise content management system but can also be used as an LCMS.
  27. EnlightKS KSdeveloper (EnlightKS Ltd.) http://www.enlightks.com/business-change/products/ksdeveloper. Also offer an LMS called myKS, an authoring tool called KSauthor, KShelper to push training to IT users, and an assessment platform called ECDL/ICDL solution.  Oriented to business change and IT.  Based in the UK.
  28. ePath Learning ASAP(ePath Learning Inc.)http://www.epathlearning.com/. Combines the features of an on-demand LCMS and an LMS.
  29. Evolutra EduZone (Evolutra Global Corporation)http://www.evolutra.com/. EduZone is a combined LMS and LCMS.  They also provide a web content management system and custom course creation. Offices in Montreal and Ottawa.
  30. eXact Learning Solutions learn eXact Suite(eXact Learning Solutions) http://www.exact-learning.com/. An LCMS with authoring, management and a mobile module.Formerly Giunti Labs. Based in Italy.
  31. ExpressTrain Transformation Suite (Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc.)http://www.expresstrain-ts.com/.A unique product – ExpressTrain works within Microsoft Office to automatically generate and update knowledge products — from training solutions to performance support materials to verification documentation.
  32. EZ LCMS (EZ LCMS) http://www.ezlcms.com.Offer LMS capability, authoring,courses, and a PowerPoint conversion plug-in.
  33. Fronter Open Learning Platform (Fronter, Norway) http://com.fronter.info/.Primarily an education LMS/LCMS. The company was purchased by Pearson Education in 2009 and this product appears to be integrated into Pearson Learning. The Fronter product is still available.
  34. Frontline TrainingMine LMS (Frontline Data Solutions, Inc.) http://www.fldata.com/ for Oil, Gas, Chemical industries. Also has a library/database repository for content.
  35. Gemini GeMS SWIFT (Gemini Performance Solutions) http://www.gemini.com Combines an LMS with an object repository and authoring. Based in Calgary, Alberta.
  36. Handshaw Lumenix Suite (Handshaw, Inc.) http://www.handshaw.com. Includes collaborative authoring (Lumenix Developer) and some LMS capability (Lumenix Administrator but is designed to hand off to more robust LMSs.
  37. HyperMethod elearning CMS (HyperMethod IBS) http://eng.learnware.ru/. Marketed both to companies and educational institutions.HyperMethodIBS is a large Russian IT services company which purchased Learnware in March, 2008.  They also offer assessment tools, an LMS called eLearning Server, a student information system (SIS), and an authoring tool called eAuthor CBT.
  38. Hyperwave CIM Platform (Hyperwave Inc.) http://www.hyperwave.com. A suite of modular Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications incorporating content and document management, search and retrieval, workflow, collaboration, web conferencing and elearning.
  39. IBS/Learnware eLearning CMS(IBS)http://www.ibs-company.com/. IBS is a large Russian IT services company which purchased Learnware (http://www.learnware.ru/)in March, 2008.  The Learnware website is mostly in Russian and does not appear to be directly accessible from the IBS site. They also offer a distance learning system called eLearning Server, assessment tools and an authoring tool called eAuthor CBT.
  40. idea Learning LCMS (IDEA E-Learning Solutions) http://www.ideaelearning.com. Based in Istanbul.  Also offer a Learning Management System, a Measurement and Evaluation System and course authoring tools.  Website is mostly in Turkish.
  41. InfoPro Learning Content Management System (InfoPro Corporation) http://learning.infopro.in/. This may not be a current product. The same company seems to have a newer website at http://www.infoprolearning.com/.
  42. Informetica Learning Content Management System (Informetica Corporate Online Training Systems, adivision of Sencia Canada Limited) http://www.informetica.com. Although it calls itself a Learning Content Management System it is both that and a full LMS with an emphasis on safety management. Based in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  43. Instancy Learning Content Management System (Instancy, Inc.) http://www.instancy.com Provide a full suite of tools including LMS, LCMS, authoring, knowledge management, communities, mobile learning, and integration of Web 2.0 tools.Also offer mobile app creation and Tin Can API integration.
  44. Instructure Canvas Commons (Instructure) http://www.canvaslms.com/B/. A free learning object repository for Canvas.
  45. Intrallect IntraLibrary (Intrallect Limited) http://www.intrallect.com/ A learning object repository – a key component of an LCMS. Based in the UK.
  46. JoomlaLMS (JoomlaLMS) http://www.joomlalms.com/ Joomla is an open source website content management system (CMS). JoomlaLMS has adapted it as an LMS and LCMS solution.  They also offer authoring tools from ElearningForce.  Offered to both business and education.
  47. Kaleidoscope Encompass E-Learning Toolkit (Kaleidoscope Learning) http://www.kaleidolearning.com Includes authoring capability.
  48. Kenexa LCMS (Kenexa Inc.) http://www.kenexa.com/. Part of a complete HR and learning solution. Kenexa purchased Outstart in February 2012.  In August 2012, Kenexa was purchased by IBM.
  49. Knovada Education Tools (Knovada) http://www.knovada.com.
  50. Knowledge Management Solutions KMx Enterprise (Knowledge Management Solutions Inc.) http://www.kmsi.us/. Part of a full suite.
  51. Krawler LCMS (Krawler Networks) http://www.krawlerlms.com. Includes content authoring and quiz creation tools.  Also offer an LCMS with content authoring and test creation, a virtual classroom, and Campus Management for educational institutions.  Based in India.
  52. LearnCentrix (LearnCentrix, LLC) http://www.learncentrix.com/. Also described as a course management system.
  53. net TrellisAuthor (Learning.net) http://www.learning.net/. An authoring system with management features.  Also offer TrellisManage – an LMS.
  54. link-lab hylOs (Hypermedia Learning Object System) (link-lab) http://www.link-lab.net. Based in Germany.
  55. Medworxx Content Management System (Medworxx Inc.) http://www.medworxx.com. Based in Toronto, Ontario.  Knowledge management solution for healthcare industry.
  56. Mindflash (Mindflash Technologies Inc.) http://www.mindflash.com. Anonline collaborative authoring tool for e-learning with a portal for delivery. Also offer online quiz creation.
  57. MindonSite Chorus (MindOnSite – Integral Coaching SA, Switzerland) http://www.mindonsite.com. A combined LMS/LCMS. Also offer MOS Player for travelling users, MOS solo – a free authoring tool, and MOS Video – a video editing tool.
  58. Mzinga OmniSocial Learning (Mzinga) http://www.mzinga.com/. Includes learning, content and performance management and collaboration features.  Also offer Mzinga OmniSocialContent for authoring, OmniSocial Engaged for social learning, and OmniSocial Insure for brand protection. Can be configured as a single platform with optional modules.  In Nov. 2007 Knowledge Planet merged with Shared Insights and became
  59. OnPoint Learning & Performance Suite™ (OPLS) (OnPoint Digital Inc.) http://www.onpointdigital.com LMS/LCMS which includes Course Manager and Performance Manager and supports the Tin Can API.
  60. OpenText ECM (OpenText Corporation) http://www.opentext.com. An enterprise Content Management System which can also serve as an LCMS. Based in Waterloo, Ontario. OpenText also offers a social networking product called FirstClass http://www.firstclass.com/ and they now own Operitel that offers the LearnFlex LMS http://learnflex.com/.
  61. Panopto Unison (Panopto, Inc.) http://www.panopto.com.Panopto is an all-in-one video platform for presentation recording, live webcasting, social learning and video content management. Panopto Focus is a tool for recording and webcasting video presentations. Panopto Unison is web-based software that makes it easy to build a centralized, searchable repository of videos – essentially a specialized LCMS for video.  Also offer Panopto Mobile for mobile device delivery.
  62. Pearson EQUELLA LCMS (Pearson Education) http://www.equella.com/. A Digital Repository incorporating Learning Objects, Learning Content Management and integrated content authoring. Formerly and developed by The Learning Edge Internationalin
  63. Peoplefluent Learning (Peoplefluent) http://www.peoplefluent.com/. Formerly Strategia-ed. Peoplefluent (a US based Talent Management services provider) purchased Strategia-ed in February, 2012. Includes learning management, social learning and e-Commerce.
  64. Percepsys SNAP! STUDIO (Percepsys Inc.) http://www.percepsys.com. Based in Toronto.An online system for authoring and delivery with a database back-up. Also offer SIMSTUDIO for 3D simulation.
  65. Results Direct EducationDirector (Results Direct) http://www.resultsdirect.com/. A web-based LCMS for associations.
  66. Saba Learning Content Management (Saba)http://www.saba.com. Part of its integrated Learning@Work offering.
  67. SilkRoad Greenlight Content Management (SilkRoad) http://www.silkroad.com. A component of the Greenlight LMS that includes authoring capability.  SilkRoad purchased VTN Technologies in Nov. 2008 and integrated its Olé product.
  68. SoftChalk Cloud (SoftChalk) http://www.softchalk.com/. A cloud-based, education-oriented authoring and learning object repository that links to various LMSs.
  69. Storyworks OnDemand (Storyworks OnDemand) http://www.storyworksondemand.com/. Formerly iQpakk. Described as Enterprise Content &Application Management System for your Mobile Sales Force.Combines four components – Manager, Generator, Presenter and Learner.
  70. SuccessFactors iContent (SuccessFactors, an SAP company) http://www.successfactors.com/learning-management/icontent/. A cloud based LCMS.  SuccessFactors purchased Plateau in 2011 and became an SAP company in 2012.
  71. Suddenly Smart SmartBuilder (Suddenly Smart) http://www.suddenlysmart.com. Collaborative authoring and content management.  Has an HTML5 converter.
  72. SumTotal TotalLCMS (SumTotal Systems, LLC) http://www.sumtotalsystems.com. A full suite of products.  Offered as a separate product or as part of TotalLMS or ResultsOnDemand (SaaS).  In June, 2009, SumTotal Systems was acquired by Vista Equity Partners/Amber Holding. On September 20, 2010, SumTotal acquired Softscape.  This will enhance its Talent Management features.  On January 5, 2011, they purchased GeoLearning.In July 2011, they purchased CyberShift Inc. and Accero Inc. signifying a further expansion into Talent/Human Resources Management.  In 2014, SumTotal was acquired by Skillsoft.
  73. SyberWorks Training Center LMS/LCMS (Syberworks) http://www.syberworks.com. Syberworks is a full featured LMS/LCMS that offers its products for enterprise license and hosted (SaaS). Has developed industry focused solutions in the following verticals: FDA/GxP/Regulatory, Manufacturing, Hospital/Medical, Training/Consulting (selling training online); Police & Law Enforcement; and Government/GSA.
  74. TFactor Knowledge Portal 360 (TFactor, Inc.) http://www.tfactor.net. Includes LMS, LCMS, Web conferencing, authoring tools and courses.
  75. TheBrain BrainEKP (Enterprise Knowledge Platform) (TheBrain Technologies Corporation) http://www.thebrain.com/products/brainekp/.
  76. The Competence Group XMS-Suite (The Competence Group) http://www.thecompetencegroup.nl/. A Dutch company with an all-in-one database solution. The website no longer appears to offer an English version.
  77. Think…Architect (Think Associates) http://www.think-associates.co.uk/. An online enterprise-level Learning Object Management toolkit that integrates content development and authoring activities across an organisation. Optionally includes Think…Builder – a desktop application that permits rapid authoring from Microsoft Office – and Think…Librarian a web solution that turns SharePoint into an enterprise Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Also offer the Totara open source LMS.
  78. Thinking Cap LCMS(Thinking Cap)http://www.thinkingcap.com. XML based LMS. Changed its name from Agile.net to Thinking Cap in 2009.  Includes Thinking Cap Author and LMS capabilities.Based in Toronto.
  79. com Learning Suite 360 (LS360™)(360training.com)http://www.360training.com/, http://www.360comply.com/. Integrates industry accredited e-learning content, learning management and course authoring on a single web-hosted platform.  Also offer a variety of courseware for Environment, Health and Safety, Power and Utilities, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Ethics and Compliance and Healthcare and custom development services.
  80. Time4you IBT Server (time4you Gmbh) http://www.time4you.de Based in Germany. An integrated system including authoring and LMS capabilities.
  81. True Solution AlefMentor(True Solution, Serbia and Montenegro) http://truesolution.net/ Includes authoring and LMS capability. Also offer an authoring tool called S_Creator and a product called Student Forum. Open source.
  82. UdutuTeach and UdutuLearn (Udutu Online Learning Systems Inc.) http://www.udutu.com. UdutuTeach and UdutuLearn take a unique approach in that the tools allow content and course management through Facebook.  They can publish for Apple platforms such as the iPad. Used for regulatory compliance and safety and security training courses. Based in Victoria, BC.
  83. Vertex Site Press (Vertex) http://www.vertex.com. A general website content management system which can be used for learning.
  84. WBT TopClass LCMS (WBT Systems) http://www.wbtsystems.com.
  85. Web CourseWorks CourseCreate System (Web CourseWorks) http://www.webcourseworks.com/ and http://www.coursestage.com/. An LMS/LCMS built for non-profits and the public sector.  Includes collaborative authoring and a learning object repository.
  86. XStream SCORM Library (XSL) (XStream Software Inc.) http://www.xstreamsoftware.com/.A delivery and tracking platform for Sharepoint. Based in Ottawa. Also offer SofTV.Presenter – a streaming media authoring tool and several other Sharepoint tools.
  87. Xyleme Learning Content Management System (LCMS) (Xyleme) http://www.xyleme.com. Includes an authoring tool called Dynamic Assembly Application.Formerly Novizio.In January 2012,they announced Bravais – their cloud-based system to deliver personalized learning to any device.  In Nov. 2012, they added detailed analytics to Bravais.Also offer Pastiche which provides blended learning on tablets.

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